GERSO December meeting – Glaucoma: Everything a YO needs to know

Saturday, December 19, 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Programme details
Session 1 – Education
Speaker: Prof Zeynap Aktas
Moderator: Ankur Barua
Topic: Classification of angle closure, all about gonioscopy and methods of angle measurement
20 minutes with 10 min Q&A
Two Residents
Session 2 – Research 
Speaker: Professor Azuaro-Blanco
Moderator: Jonathan Yu
Topic: EAGLE Study
15 minute summary of paper from author and 15 min Q&A for author
Two Residents
Session 3 – 10-10-10 tips session
Moderator: Lena Beckers
1. Excel Part 2 – Dr Tanya Trinh
2. How to summarise a paper for a meeting – Ankur Barua
3. How to format your CV – Michael Mimouni
Session 4 – Surgical Education
Speaker: Jonathan Yu
Moderator: Michael Mimouni
Topic: Fundamentals and tips for angle closure cataract surgery. From planning to post surgery. Everything a YO should know.
Two Residents
20-25 minutes talk
5-10 minute Q&A

GERSO December meeting – Glaucoma: Intermediate and Advanced webinar

Sunday, December 20, 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Angle closure session

Landmark trials presentation and case-based discussion on:

  1. Peripheral Laser iridotomy and clear lens extraction
  2. Phaco and combined surgery
  3. Complications in angle closure surgery

Panel: Prof Tin Aung, Prof David Friedman, Prof Sheng Lim, Paul Harasymowycz