External eye diseases including:

i. The ocular surface disorders

ii. Infections

iii. Deficiency disorders

iv. Conjunctival disease and disease of the lid margins

v. Immunologically induced disorders

vi. Scleral and episcleral disease

vii. Corneal disease

viii. Age changes

ix. Trauma and toxic injuries

x. Surgical procedures

b. Intraocular inflammation

i. Infection

ii. Immunologically induced

c. Glaucoma

i. Congenital

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ii.  Primary

iii. Secondary

d. Lens and cataract

i. Congenital and developmental

ii.  Traumatic

iii. Toxic
iv. Metabolic
v. Secondary
vi. Ageing

e. Choroidal, Retina and Vitreous

ii. Retinal vascular disease
iii. Retinal choroidal disorders associated with systematic disease
iv. Retinopathy of prematurity
v. Hamartomas and tumours
vi. Congenital and stationary retinal disease
vii. Retinal, vitreoretinal and choroidal dystrophies
viii. Retinal and choroidal degeneration
ix. Retinal detachment
x. Trauma and toxic injury

xi. Diseases of the vitreous
xii. Diseases of the choroid

xiii. Diseases of the retina and peripheral retinal abnormalities

xiv. Vitreous interface disorders