Diseases commonly associated with eye disease and conditions which relate to surgical management of the patient.

a. Systemic infectious diseases
i. Bacterial
ii. Chlamydial
iii. fungal
iv. viral
v. parasitic

b. Immunodeficiency

c. Cardiovascular disease including
i. Hypertension
ii. heart disease
iii. cardiac arrhythmias

d. Pulmonary disease

e. Haematological disorders including the anaemias
i. sickle cell disease
ii. disorders of haemostasis

f. Connective tissue disease including the systemic vasculitides

g. Endocrine disorders including diabetes and thyroid disease –
i. PPT Cushing –

h. Neoplasia –
i. PPT Pituitary Tumour Masquerade –

i. Management of medical emergencies
j. Pre and post operative management of patients with eye disease
i. Moderate cataract – ,

k. Principles of preventive medicine
i. Epidemiology
ii. screening procedures
iii. statistical methods

1. immunisation